There is a lot going on in the world that isn’t right and is all about injustice and we have obviously seen all the horrible things happening in Ferguson, Missouri and all of the police brutality problems that have been occurring all over the United States in just the past couple of years, and I think that this problem is only going to get worse unless the people start to change their ways and the police force is trained much differently in a way that does not allow for the type of violence that they currently are allowed to have. I think that gun laws in general would help with this because cops are always afraid that they will die on duty or get shot on duty, and that’s sometimes their justification for killing innocent civilians, who for the most part tend to be black or other minority types.

In terms of television we have all seen the protests from Ferguson and we have seen the footage online of all other types of police brutality, and it is really absolutely disgusting in every way the word disgusting can be described, and that’s just a part of the world in which we currently live in now. But of course our world doesn’t need to be this violent, and the truth is that those who are given the power to govern over us including the police departments need to be held accountable for all of these atrocities no matter what because that is their responsibility, and the truth is that police departments everywhere are constantly getting let off the hook and it’s only getting worse and worse.

But there is a television show on Netflix that has really tried and done a pretty good job at exposing the injustices of the police departments in Wisconsin in terms of wrongly convicting one man named Steven Avery who has really been messed with by his local cops for the majority of his entire life, and that is obviously unfair because he hasn’t done any serious crimes in his entire like, except maybe kill a cat or two. But it doesn’t matter what Steven Avery did when he was kid, because he never raped anyone and he definitely never murdered anyone, but still he was convicted of both crimes just because of who he was and the beef he had with the sheriff and the other douches at the police department in Manitowoc County in Wisconsin. We’re talking about the show called Making a Murderer that is from Netflix and how this show has really been a great job at getting the conversation going around the country about other people who may or may not have actually been wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit and we have found out a lot of the time that many people have not been guilty but were convicted for no seriously good reason except for the fact that the cops wanted a certain individual locked up.

I think we all need to start to wonder about why these police departments would actually want to lock someone away like the way Steven Avery has been locked up for many years, and that may be because they make money off of having men and women incarcerated and that could be a major reason why the United States has the highest incarceration rates out of any industrialized country in the entire world. This is really a horrible statistic that taints the whole idea that the United States is the home of the free because we have the most people locked up in jail, and we most likely have a lot of the wrong people locked up in jail as well which is not a good thing compared to the fact that Steven Avery was not the person who did commit those crimes, we was an innocent tacoma plumber, but was still accused and then found guilty for no apparently good reason except he wasn’t liked by the wrong people who had the power to sentence him.

So if you are interested in learning more about Making a Murderer you should start talking about it on this site and we can start a thread of conversation and then we can get something cool said and argue a lot or whatever.

When it comes down to it there are so many people who live in the United States that are absolutely addicted to television, and this has been going on for decades now since the baby boomer generation grew up with televisions and old shows and all sorts of broadcasts and were fascinated by the invention that captivated us all. It’s still been going on pretty steadily in recent years as well, and of course the way in which we indulge in our obsession over the screen is a lot different than how we watched television even 15 years ago. Now in today’s times we are seeing more people go towards Hulu and Netflix and other online sites to see their favorite shows and movies and be on their own time as opposed to having to watch their shows when it is broadcasted on cable or satellite television. But no matter how exactly we consume entertainment content, Americans and people all over the world for that matter, will always be consuming content and will always be really interested when a great show comes around and starts changing things just like all of the great television shows that have come before them.

In terms of the Netflix revolution that has started to really influence how we watch television, there are several new original shows and movies that Netflix has personally funded themselves, which is really different because now we are seeing a huge trend in the whole entertainment industry towards sites like Netflix and away form the more traditional outlets that are pretty much impossible to get into unless you have some kind of connection that will help you get going in the industry, which is pretty much bullshit in all regards anyways. It’s hard to say exactly how people do get connected in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to television but for the one rare instance of a show actually doing some social justice in the world and trying to make the world a better place there are some really good shows that are just recently becoming popular that are from Netflix. You might already know what show we are talking about because everyone has been talking about it recently, and the show that I’m talking about is Making a Murderer. This show has really gotten a lot of people really interested and started a really interesting conversation that has created a lot of controversy among communities all over the United States and even the entire world.

Making a Murderer is a show about a man named Steven Avery who was wrongly convicted of murder by his hometown police department up in Wisconsin and then found innocent after spending 18 years in prison, and then later on was wrongly convicted of murder which he didn’t commit after he was released from prison and then was wrongly put in prison again until he was released once again. This whole situation that happened up in Wisconsin is definitely really complicated, but this man Steven Avery has seriously been abused by his local police department for no good reason, and because this has happened it has sparked huge petitions everywhere and obviously the show has gotten a lot of attention from everywhere. There’s no telling what exactly will happen to Avery and his family, but the truth of the matter is that those people in the police department who keep convicting Avery are huge assholes and they should all burn in Hell because that is where those men belong, and not anywhere near decent human beings here on earth.

So if you are the type of person who is really interested in the show called Making a Murderer then you will definitely get a lot out of this website because that is what all these connected articles are all about, and more importantly it’s about getting the conversation going here on this site and having people step up and start speaking their minds about what has happened to Steven Avery, and of course we all know that a lot of people are really pissed about this so get pissed on this site and let’s all talk to each other about how pissed we all are.

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There are a ton of strange and interesting shows all over the cable television, but what has been really cool in recent years is that websites like Netflix who make a ton of money have started to fund some really good independent films and television shows, and now we have started to see an entire shift in the whole entertainment industry towards big time content distributing websites like Netflix and Hulu who have started producing their own content. These sites are a great thing for the entire entertainment industry and they have started to do a really good job and are doing great things not only for actors and people in film and TV, but also for the entire audience of these shows who have started to really catch on to this trend and it’s really created a huge response from people not only in just the United States of America but also all over the entire world in countries where everyone everywhere is watching shows on Netflix because let’s be honest, Netflix is awesome and everyone loves it tremendously no matter what content they have on their site.

But in the recent new season of some of new original shows that Netflix has released there is definitely one show that has made a huge splash with the entire American people and have really started to change things and go for a cultural revolution that has been happening everywhere and is only contributing to the complete hatred and disregard for the police departments everywhere all over the United States who have acted out unjustly and with little to no regard for the laws they are supposed to implement. You probably already know what show I’m talking about, and that’s because everyone has been watching this show religiously on Netflix because it has created some serious controversy all over the country, and that show is called Making a Murderer.

This show has done so much more than just entertain its audience, and it goes into the story of Steven Avery who is a man who was wrongly convicted of rape back in the 1980s and then spend 18 years in jail before he was released when DNA evidence proved that he did not commit the rape. It was such a horrible case of injustice that everyone everywhere was absolutely appalled to find out this was a true story that actually happened here in the United States although it goes against everything that we are about as a judicial system within our country. People everywhere have been talking about this subject matter for a long time, and now that this show has become wildly popular the entire subject of men and women who are wrongly convicted of crimes they did not commit is back to the forefront, and this can definitely make a big difference in our entire society.

So what do we do from here as a country? Where do you want to see us go and how should we go about doing something about this horrible subject matter? It’s not easy to deal with and that’s because there are so many loopholes in our legal system as an entire nation, and shows like Making a Murderer have completely exposed some of the worst loopholes in the system. The series also goes deeply into the story of Brendan Dassey, who is Steven Avery’s nephew, who was also charged with murder charges that happened after Avery spent 18 years in jail and then was convicted again for murder, but it was also something that he did not commit.

What this show has proven to everyone in the United States is that the police and legal system has the power to do whatever they want in certain areas of the country and they will convict those who they want to convict, and obviously this has been happening all over the place and it’s just not American in any way. So if you really like this country and you consider yourself a proud American, then you need to start watching Making a Murderer and seeing just how horrible parts of our country are so that you can make more informed decisions about what you want our country to be like going into the future.

There are so many cop shows on TV and one of the more recent cop shows on television is called Lucifer, and it’s a FOX network show in which the devil himself comes up from Hell to live in Los Angeles and help the Los Angeles Police Department catch bad guys from week to week in a series that seriously seems absolutely ridiculous and even makes Lucifer look bad in a funny way. Of course this show is probably not going to last that long, and that’s probably because the FOX network chose to create a cop show out of Neil Gaiman’s legendary characters, but of course the entire audience isn’t really into another cop show because it has been done so many times already and it’s not that cool anymore, especially since CSI and NYPD Blue have come and gone and done their whole thing and made all the money that most cops shows always dream of. Of course there is the show COPS which is always pretty entertaining because it shows real cops doing their thing in the real world, and I respect that show just like everyone else, but there is also another new non fiction cop show that is really making a difference in the world and is creating waves of attention from people all over the United States towards making a huge difference in our entire justice system. All these other cop shows don’t do any type of social justice promotion, and in fact the actual show COPS makes the police people of our country look like huge jerks, but they don’t even mean to do that.

This new show on Netflix called Making a Murderer is probably one of the best shows to come to the American people in a really long time because it is the type of show that deals with a real life situation in a series long documentary showcasing some of the worst cases of injustice in the United States history. It’s like a TV show for a To Kill a Mockingbird type of story in which someone was wrongly accused of raping a woman and then convicted, which is just like the famous Harper Lee novel. There is so much to talk about when it comes to Making a Murderer and we can really talk about it forever because it has done really well in ratings and people are talking about it all over the place, but what is so important about this show is that it has started a serious discussion throughout the United States that has started a conversation about how horrible our police departments are and how they have wrongly convicted a lot more people than just Steven Avery, and that makes this show very influential because when it comes down to it we need to start re-evaluating a lot of different legal cases in which people have adamantly denied their accusations against them, and I think because so many people are not very smart or not really the most liked people in their local communities you will see that a lot of people have been wrongly convicted of crimes they did not commit and it happens more often than I think a lot of us know about.

What’s weird, and what I think makes a lot of sense about the criticism of Making a Murderer, although this criticism isn’t that valid but it does kind of make sense, is that Steven Avery is white and the entire program is dedicated around him and his problems with the local government up in bumblefuck Wisconsin. I first thought that Making a Murderer was a show about numerous different situations all over the place of people being wrongly convicted, but I soon found out it is all about one man and his family, and his life in general. The thing is that this type of thing happens a lot of the time, especially with disenfranchised people and minorities who don’t get the type of support and other stuff that Steven Avery received, although he definitely came from a poor family and was not the smartest or sharpest tool in the shed.

So go check out the show and let us know what you think and we’ll go from there.

Everyone has really enjoyed watching shows on Netflix, and in recent years Netflix has now become its own production company and has come up with more and more original content that has helped them promote their brand and they have really become one of the leading outlets for television shows and feature films as well that are independent of the major Hollywood studios, who are pretty gnarly and impossible to really work with because they have their heads shoved so far up their asses that they don’t like to work with any type of outsiders at all, which is frustrating for a lot of people in the entertainment industry. Because I mean, come on, let’s be honest here, the majority of the people who create and produce television shows and movies are not involved with the major Hollywood studios and it’s seriously almost impossible to join in with these types of organizations unless you are the best of the best, and it takes forever and is nearly impossible for any type of artist to get that type of recognition for themselves. But whatever, I mean when there is a network like Netflix that is funding great content they are starting to change the game tremendously and it’s an awesome thing that is happening for the entire entertainment industry.


One of the newest and most popular Netflix Original Television shows is the program that is titled Making a Murderer, and this is honestly a really great show that has started to get a ton of attention not just in the United States, but also all around the world because it has created such a strong controversy throughout the entire justice system in the United States by exposing one of the worst cases of injustice the United States has ever seen and been a part of because what happened in this story about Steven Avery is really ridiculous and is horrible in so many different ways. I’m not going to lie in that I really thought that Making a Murderer

was going to be about a different story of injustice each episode, but what I came to realize is that there is hours upon hours of episodes all oriented around one person who suffered 18 years of prison for a rape charge that he obviously didn’t commit. This guy is named Steven Avery and he comes from this little hick ass town called Manitowoc County, which is located in the farmland territory of Wisconsin.


What’s so funny is that this show seriously makes Wisconsin’s justice system look horrendous, and the fact that Steven Avery was even a suspect with this rape or sexual assault is just really bad and makes the entire attorney general’s office and all these other prosecution people look evil and beyond any type of reformation. Of course people already know and they always did know that Steven Avery did not rape this particular woman because he had a legitimate alibi and had a lot of witnesses that testified for him and his alibi that he wasn’t even anywhere near the crime scene of the Lake Michigan shoreline during the time of the crime, but still he was convicted over some bullshit and then he had to spend 18 years in prison and wasn’t allowed to be there for his family when his kids were growing up, and he had a bunch of kids too, around five at the time of his conviction. It’s just really sad that this kind of thing happened in the United States because we are supposed to be the home of the free and a place where justice prevails, but because of some serious bullshit Steven Avery was sent to jail and was not released until DNA evidence proved the crime against him and towards another man who actually went out and raped more women later after Avery’s conviction. It’s just absolutely disgusting that the Manitowoc County Police Department settled on their conviction of Avery and let the real rapist run free and continue to ruin the lives of other women and do horrible things to other women.


So go out and watch Making a Murderer because it’s a super great show and you’ll definitely like it if you like justice, which all Americans should.